Our Philosophy

Austin Artificial Intelligence and The Silicon Partners offer packaged data science, Ai and ML solutions that are neither pure services nor pure product.

Using a hybrid approach, we retain the empathetic nature of consulting engagements in order to thoroughly understand client problems - and then deploy sophisticated automated algorithms to solve them. Our size and experience allows us to deploy these solutions at scale.

Whereas many times a purely consultative or purely product approach fails to give the desired results, our solutions are the most efficient and effective way to achieve practical results in organizations of any size.

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Proper modeling of a business problem requires:

Deeply understanding the specific dynamics of the organization
Customization of models and output to the client’s needs
Understanding human behavior
Resistance to overfitting and excessive data mining
Close collaboration with the business stakeholders and front office
Selection of inputs based on industry specific dynamics
Removal of forward-looking and other biases in data sets
Transformation of inputs based on fundamental business relationships
In addition to data scientists, AI engineers and IT professionals, we employ management consultants and industry experts.
We use Automated ML for efficiencies – but never for initial model setup - and always sanity-check the results

Our Company Profile and Team

Robert Corwin, CFA

Founder & CEO of Austin Ai

20 years of Wall Street experience at Nomura, Citibank, hedge funds (mainly buy-side equity quant)

25 years of data science, AI and MI experience

BSE Chemical Engineering from Cornell; Masters in Financial Engineering from Cal Berkeley

Austin Artificial Intelligence's Company Logo.

We Are an Ai Company Based in Austin, Texas

Ravi Chowdhury

Founder & CEO of The Silicon Partners

25 years in technology consulting at Rapidigm, Fujitsu, and KPIT

Founded TSP in 2016 with VC investment

Guided firm to ultra-rapid year over year growth

Logo of TSP, The Silicon Partners, an IT Services Company based in Folsom, California, featuring a blue square with 'TSP' in white letters.

An IT Services Company in Folsom, California

Staff Profile

Lean teams of engineers and scientists as opposed to SaaS-company bloat

Multiple PhDs on staff including physics, quantum computing experts

Many employees come from industry including financial services, technology

Offshore Capability

Direct hires (not contractors) in Cairo, Egypt 

Contractor network and direct hires throughout India and Mexico 

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us for a no-cost assessment which includes a consultative discussion on business needs, an evaluation of data readiness, and initial modeling.

Free Assessment
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