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Explore how our services can turn your financial and operational data into clear, actionable insights that help your business grow.

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Advanced Ai for the Financial Industry

The Financial Services Practice serves hedge funds, private equity, asset mangers, banks, and fintech companies.

Founder and several practice leaders possess extensive Wall Street experience 

Familiarity with buy- and sell-sides, financial markets, and investments speeds time to understand client needs​

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Finance Simplified

Ai-Powered Financial Solutions

At Austin Artificial Intelligence, we make finance easier and smarter. Our Ai-driven solutions are designed to help streamline your financial and investment operations, making nuanced data easy to understand and act on. Whether it's automating operational workflows, helping with complex research projects, or creating alternative data sets, our tools are here to help you achieve more with less.

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Automation of manual steps in reconciliation and/or other record keeping processes


Account mapping and/or aggregation over multiple funds or clients

Predictive Analysis

Derived calculations (statistical, NLP) in the time series and / or cross section​

Niche Calculations

Difficult or niche financial market calculations (ex. option pricing, security master)​

Data Scraping

Heavy experience in scraping sources of all kinds (demographic, financial, social media, news, markets)​

Intelligent Support with

Research and Modeling​

We are familiar with best-practices industry standards for collecting, storing and cleaning data, conducting research and evaluating models, and putting workflows into live production.

Data Integrity & Backtesting

Creation of point-in-time data sets and backtesting​

LLM-Driven Financial Analysis

Application of LLMs and chat to financial reports and news​

Quantitative Financial Expertise

Familiar with financial literature / quant / financial engineering​

Advanced Credit Risk Models

Credit risk modeling

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What People Are Saying About Austin Ai

Virtus Real Estate Capital

A Multi-Billion AUM Private Equity Firm

A Multi-Billion AUM Private Equity Firm

"We have been working with Austin Ai for a number of years. The team has been instrumental in our digital transformation. They constructed a data warehouse which stores terabytes of proprietary and third party real-estate data.  They have also helped us to automate complex financial processes that were previously manual, perform analyses on commercial real estate, and use customized LLMs to do several interesting things, which save time and money.  Importantly, Austin Ai’s security and access methodologies were created using best practices. We would highly recommend their services.”

Will A. Strong

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

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