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Austin Artificial Intelligence simplifies Ai so your organization can benefit from today's increasingly powerful machine learning tools.

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Our Mission...

… is to help society benefit from data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence tools. We do this by working with organizations of all sizes in a collaborative, empathetic manner; by deeply understanding our clients' needs, businesses, and goals; and providing the expert resources necessary to accelerate Ai implementation.

Our Business Model

Point of Comparison

Ai SaaS "Frameworks"

Austin Ai

Objectivity and Flexibility

Locked into proprietary & closed platforms,
standards and meta-languages

Ability to recommend & implement best tool for the money regardless of provider (no vested interests)

Cost and Value Proposition

Implementation costs & SaaS fees in perpetuity

Once done, custom code runs forever for free

Relevance and Effectiveness

Do not actually solve business problems,
design experiments, make models

Critical thinking applied to solve
actual business problems

Staffing Model

Failure to deliver immediate ROI leads to
huge downstream consulting fees

Lean teams of scientists & engineers
as opposed to SaaS-company bloat

Company Focus

Selling SaaS licenses

Empathetically understanding our clients' needs

The Marginal Cost of the Ai Stack Is Headed To Zero!

Almost all components of the Ai stack are either open-source or available for low cost in the cloud.

Why pay big $$$$ and markups for them?


Data Science Libraries

Servers, Middleware


Ai Tools 
of All Kind

Large Language Models (LLMs)

Built for Your Organization

AI can be difficult for organizations to actually put into practice. Finding talent, data engineering, experimental design, and productionizing models are all links in one chain; one break can cause delay or failure. We dramatically improve the speed and quality of Ai implementation due to our:

Extensive knowledge of complex data engineering in large enterprises with disparate data sets
Experienced developers, scientists, and engineers familiar with all aspects of the Ai pipeline
Extensive hands-on experience in many industry verticals
Familiarity with models of all kinds, including statistical analysis, machine learning techniques, chatbots and large language models, and neural nets
Flexible team sizes and budgets, from junior employees to hard-science PhDs, both onshore and offshore

What People Are Saying About Austin Ai

A Leading Supplier in the Plumbing Industry.

"I’ve had the privilege of working with Austin Ai for over a year. The team are not only extremely bright and well-equipped to solve complex problems with Ai solutions, but they’ve also demonstrated a partnership, ownership, and flexibility that can be hard to find. I highly recommend Austin Ai.”

Wallace (Wally) Gustafson

Vice President of Innovation

A Forbes Leading AI Investing Company.

"As a company focused on quantitative analysis and data-driven decision making, it is essential for us to access a wide variety of reliable data sources in the financial sphere. In this regard, the work done by the entire Austin Ai team, from web scraping and data cleaning to preprocessing, storage, natural language processing, feature engineering, predictive modeling, and providing easily accessible endpoints for our models, has become an essential part of our business. Their services have definitely given us a competitive advantage in our field, made the rest of our work much more productive and I highly recommend them.”

Nephtali Garrido-Gonzalez

Quantitative Researcher & Senior AI Engineer

The Austin-Ai Advantage

We help you climb the Data Usefulness Pyramid

Feature engineering model selection and evaluation
Extensive experience in predictive domains ( financial / stock market, etc.)
Proprietary libraries automate ML training and deployment
Sophisticated controls eliminate bias in model formulation
Predict the Future
Decompose history into understandable effects
Modeling experience extends beyondoff-the-shelf ”open source ML libraries”
Incorporation of external data sources: macroeconomic, weather, consumer, patterns, etc.
Understand the Past
Automate manual processes
Access to TSP’s network of 150 IT professionals
Ability to put processes and models into production efficiently at low cost
Increase efficiency
Creation, display and aggregation of KPIs
All engagements begin with consultative interviews to understand business dynamics, stakeholders, and human behavior
Describe the past
Data collection, cleaning, modeling, warehousing
Seamless integration with existing data sources
Deep familiarity with SAP, Success Factors, major CRMs, and other data sources
Collect and store data

Our Methodology

Value Assessment

Learn about high level problems and understand how data can answer business needs.


Conduct workshop and suggest a specific course of action.


Initial data pipelines, feature engineering, model selection and refinement produces initial forecasts.


Migrate from research environment to daily production environment.

Our Use Cases

Edge Out the Competition

We have completed many projects of all sizes across the industrial, financial, energy and technology industries. We are happy to share a list of them with qualified potential customers; please contact us for further information.

Technology abstract decorative circle


• Unstructured data insights -text / NLP, images
• IT& devOps spend and risk analytics - save IT costs
• Automated outlier and bad data detection - increase process accuracy

Financial abstract decorative squares


• Credit, counterparty, fraud analysis – reduce credit losses
• Profit analysis with internal and external factors - understand business drivers
• Financial industry expertise - financial markets and insurance based models

Industrial abstract decorative circles


• Supply chain optimization – reduce working capital
• Quality control – forecast product quality
• Predictive maintenance – anticipate / reduce service calls

Sales and Marketing Abstract decorative circle

Sales & Marketing

• Transcription and analysis of sales and support calls - measure sales effectiveness
• Sentiment analysis on reviews and ratings - parse customer feedback
• Customer loyalty profiling - understand customer behavior

Why Austin Artificial Intelligence?

Leading Team
  • We’re founded by a team with a combined 50+ years of experience in data science, quantitative analysis, consulting, and industry experience.
Hybrid Approach
  • We take a whole new approach to data science consulting. We offer tailored services with the ability to deploy product-like solutions at scale.
Silicon Partners
  • Our relationship with The Silicon Partners, a 500-person IT services firm, allows us to offer data-based solutions to serve any business of any size.
Results Focused
  • Our team is dedicated to delivering measurable results that drive our client’s bottomline.
Consulting Principles
  • Our documented, empathetic consulting principles help us get to know your business end-to-end to design custom solutions.

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